Seven years ago my life changed Forever, with a big F. I also learnt 7 new things

  1. I learnt that “true love” is not a myth.
  2. It is indeed possible to care for someone more than yourself, yes even for me ;-).
  3. There are more important things in life than work and success (at work).
  4. I discovered that I had powers of a superhuman (read supermom), that I could fill multiple roles effectively without actually cloning myself.
  5. I learnt to let go, that things will not always be perfect or go according to plan.
  6. There are fundamental differences between men and women which no amount of science or social advancement can alter. Yes having a baby will change a woman forever not only emotionally and physically but also professionally whether you want it or not.
  7. I chose well when marrying.

You brought that change in my life and I am forever indebted to you for that. As we have gone through the roller coaster in last seven years, I experienced more joy than regrets. I experienced more fear (for your well being) that has made me stronger. I relive a second childhood/life as I rediscover the world through your eyes. am glad to learn from you when you correct my swimming posture. I am proud when you defeat me in Kinect. I am compelled to be a better human being in order to be a better role model for you.

I hope you see a friend for life in me as I see in you.